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Charcoal Discs - Excelsior Swift-Lite

Charcoal Discs - Excelsior Swift-Lite

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Charcoal Discs (tablets) - Excelsior Swift-Lite 1, 10, 20, 40, Discs

The most well known quality charcoal discs (Excelsior 33 80 E)

Sold all across the world and known for being safe, consistant and quality

Please note:
The single disc is sold as sample and is therefore out of any original packaging
10, 20, 40 discs come in the original silver plastic wrapping (rolls of 10) but not in original box

To use:
Remove tablet (disc) from the sealed roll and place censer, heat proof dish or burner.
Light the edge of the disc
Allow the disc light across its surface
Once the disc has burned across it is ready for use.
To extinguish; place in a container of cold water



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