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Know Thyself Consultation

Know Thyself Consultation

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We begin the session with a 10 minute Spiritual Attunement. The soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls to cleanse and balance our energies. We will call in our guides, the angels and the divine in a 10 minute creating a sacred space for us to dive deep beneath the surface. We conclude each session with a mini tarot or oracle card reading for guidance.

Embark on a transformative journey with "Know Thyself" – a unique fusion of astrological and numerological wisdom. Dive deep into key areas of your life, unraveling the cosmic energies that reside within. Gain unparalleled clarity on your life path, deities connected to your energy,  areas of focus for this lifetime and much more. This reading will give you a profound sense of self as we unveil the truths that shape your destiny. Illuminate your path, embrace self-discovery, and unlock the mysteries that make you uniquely you. Your cosmic awakening awaits!

Embracing self-discovery "Bringing Light to the Darkness." Let the radiance of your spirit guide you to a substantial understanding of your existence.

Ready to begin your transformative journey? Secure your session now and step into the light of self-discovery. Embrace the opportunity to bring light to the darkness within, unlocking a deeper understanding of your spiritual existence.

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