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Spiritual Consultations

Spiritual Consultations

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Answers for Your Spiritual Quest:
Have burning questions about spirituality, the mind, emotions, thoughts, or feelings? This consultation provides a sacred space for inquiry and reflection. Ask, and let the light of understanding shine on your path.

We begin the session with a 10 minute Spiritual Attunement. The soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls to cleanse and balance our energies. We will call in our guides, the angels and the divine in a 10 minute creati g a sacred space for us to dive deep beneath the surface. We conclude each session with a mini tarot or oracle card reading for guidance.

Exploring Your Inner Radiance:
Discover what spirituality truly means whilst unravelling the intricate connection between the microcosm of your existence and the vastness of the macrocosmic universe. Together, we'll embark on a journey inward, exploring the unlimited source that resides within you.

Illuminate the Path Within:
Why pursue spirituality? The answer lies within you. Bringing light to the darkness is an exploration of self, an opportunity to understand the essence of going within and uncovering the wisdom residing in the stillness of your soul.

Your Inner Light Awaits!
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