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Stardust - High Vibes

Stardust - High Vibes

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Indulge in our meticulously curated blend of herbs and resins designed to elevate your vibration, usher in positive energies, and fortify your space against negativity. Immerse yourself in the delightful fragrance of this natural incense, awakening your soul to a higher realm.

  • Versatile applications include:
  • boosting motivation
  • elevating mood
  • increasing sexual energy
  • cleansing
  • dispelling negative entities
  • providing protection
  • enhancing creativity
  • fostering confidence
  • supporting divination work

Usage Instructions: Ignite charcoal and place it in a heat-proof dish once the edges turn white, followed by Stardust. Articulate positive intentions while smudging your surroundings and body. Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows to allow the smoke to dissipate. 

Crafted with care, Stardust is handmade by the skilled EyeAm Botanica team, using exclusively natural ingredients.

Includes 10 charcoal (additional packs available in-store).



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