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Stardust - Cleanse Me

Stardust - Cleanse Me

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Introducing our 'Cleanse Me' blend, where the spotlight shines on purifying benzoin resin!

Ignite this blend for purposes ranging from:

  • purification
  • astral projection
  • dispelling negative energy
  • achieving emotional balance
  • alleviating sadness
  • alleviating depression
  • alleviating weariness
  • alleviating grief
  • alleviating anger
  • alleviating anxiety
  • attracting prosperity

Experience its healing, energizing, uplifting, and stimulating qualities.

Usage Instructions: Ignite charcoal, place it in a heat-proof dish, and wait until the edges turn white before adding Stardust. Convey positive intentions while smudging your surroundings and body. Open windows to allow the smoke to disperse.

Stardust is meticulously crafted by the EyeAm Botanica team using exclusively natural ingredients.

Includes 10 charcoals (additional packs available in-store).



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