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EyeAm Botanica

Authentic Crystals

Authentic Crystals

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Tiger's eye - For protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding, power, courage, grace.

Purpurite - Purification, initiation, freedom, insight, truth, power, sovereignty, self - expression, connection to spiritual self,clarity, public speaking, breaking old patterns & behaviours, lifts negativity.

Lapis Lazuli - Dreams, balance, intuition,inspiration, clarity, communication, meditation, past lives, luck, good fortune, knowledge, ascension, truth, self wisdom, expansion, insight, inner peace, trust, lucid dreaming, communication with guides.

Azurite - Psychic abilities, calming patience, confidence,  manifestation, inner vision, communication with guides.

Labradorite - Transformation,promotes psychic abilities, strengthens will, stimulates imagination, calming.

Orange (tangerine) Quartz - Creativity, passion, curiosity, inspiration, playfulness

Bloodstone - Strength,Protection, Courage, Confidence, Purification, Cleansing, Altruism, Consciousness, Action, Motivation.

Pyrite - Exercising and Sports, Strength, Creativity, Clarity, Confidence, Power, Physical Healing, Stress Relief, Focus, Balancing Polarities, Manifestation, Determination, Action, Resolution, Mastering Fear, Motivation, Creating Your Own Reality, Luck and Good Fortune.

Rose Quartz - Self-Love, Soothing,Calming and Patience, Love & Relationships, Joy, Creativity, Clearing, Physical Healing, Empathy, Cleansing, Relaxation, Anxiety Relief.

Moonstone - Nourishing and Rejuvenation, Joy, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Love & Relationships, Intuition, Empathy, Insight, Gentle Self-Expression, Self- Healing, Generosity, Self Discovery, Emotional Understanding, Inner Peace, Peace of Mind, Creativity, Calming and Patience, Fertility and Pregnancy

Red Jasper - Mastering Fear, Relaxation, Prosperity, Power, Peace of Mind, Organization, Opportunities, New Beginnings, Motivation, Meditation, Resolution, Manifestation, Longevity, Living in the Present Moment, Leadership, Knowledge, Joy,Intuition, Inspiration, Insight, Retrograde, Luck and Good Fortune, Wisdom, Truth, Trust, Transformation, Stress Relief, Strength, Inner Peace, Spiritual Awakening, Soothing, Sexuality,Sense of Purpose, Selflessness, Self Discovery, Self- Healing, Self-Discipline, Action, Claiming Wholeness, Calming and Patience, Breaking Addictions, Balancing Polarities, Balance, Attraction, Anxiety Relief, Adventures, Compassion, Abundance, Enhancing,Growth, Grounding, Gentle Self-Expression, Generosity, Focus,Expansion,ExpandedAwareness,Enlightenment,
Empathy, Emotional Understanding, Determination, Decisiveness, Creating Your Own Reality ,Connection with Nature, Courage,Confidence




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